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Analysis of the causes of pump vibration
The analysis of the cause of the vibration of the pump causes many vibrations in the building and the pump house. There are some factors that are related and interact with each other. There are four main reasons for the summary.
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Household booster pump installation position description
When the booster pump is running, the faucet in front of the booster pump will effluent but will become smaller. Therefore, the home booster pump is better installed in the tap water pipe, so that it will not affect the water because of the use of the water heater, and it can pressurize all the water ports in the home. Of course, the power consumption naturally rises, and the neighbors may use water. There will be some impact.
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Submersible pump selection
The drainage pumps used in buildings include submersible sewage pumps, submerged drainage pumps, vertical sewage pumps and horizontal sewage pumps.
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Method of reducing pump noise
The pump noise is mainly the aerodynamic noise generated by the gas/liquid during the transportation process, the structural noise excited by the vibration of the motor casing, the noise generated by the vibration of the machine base, and the noise of the motor. Such noise level peaks are mainly concentrated in the low octave band, which is in the range of approximately 100-450 Hz.
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