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After decades of box core design and technology update, the circuit part adopts digital frequency division mode to stabilize the working frequency; the charging part adopts international advanced charging method, which prolongs the service life of the battery. This machine has the advantages of fast charging, large flow, high pressure, low noise, low power consumption and beautiful appearance. Realize the advantages of mechatronics high-tech. This product belongs to the most oil-free lubricated air compressor with low pressure and large exhaust. It is suitable for aquaculture, road transportation, sales of fresh aquatic products, aquariums, hotels, restaurants, fishing enthusiasts, chemical industry and medical treatment, etc. Oil-free compression molding machines require uninterrupted air supply to the field.
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Widely used in environmental protection water treatment aeration, electroplating bath agitation, special aquaculture oxygenation, light bulb industry, dust removal and ventilation, paper cutter, screen printing machine, photographic plate making machine, cigarette filter tip forming machine, injection molding machine, automatic feeding Dryer, atomizing dryer, liquid, powder filling machine, electric welding equipment, film machinery, vacuum packaging, paper conveying, powder conveying, garment ironing, dry cleaning, food processing, gas conveying, feeding collection, etc.
When the DC is working, turn the knob switch clockwise, the power is turned on, the work indicator (green) is on, and it starts to work, and the air volume can be freely adjusted by the knob potentiometer.
When working with AC, insert the power plug into the mains ((220V) AC power indicator (red) is on, and the operation method is the same as that for DC work.
When charging, turn on the mains ((AC220V) AC current indicator (red) of the power plug, turn off the knob switch, and the air pump will stop working. When the fully charged indicator (yellow) is on, it means that the charging is completed, and it is best to continue charging for 2 hours, long-time charging will not damage the battery and air pump. Note: D-2008 can also be used at the same time when charging.

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