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This pump is suitable for water supply aplications in gardens, hotels, vlls, and high-rise buildings.



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The JSW series priming injection pump is a pure water pump that consists of a centrifugal pump and nozzle. It features high-
quality special seals that ensure impact resistance, safety, reliability, and strong self-priming capabilities. This pump is suitable for
water supply aplications in gardens, hotels, vlls, and high-rise buildings.



1.QGD series is designed for household and agricultural use, offering small flow, full head, and full voltage capabilities.
2.The oil-immersed motor enables a diving depth of up to 100 meters, and the plug cable allows for easy replacement.
3.The water pump is suitable for use with room temperature water, making it easy to integrate into your existing systems.
4.It provides excellent economic benefits, delivering cost-effective performance that saves you money in the long run. .
5.The motor features automatic protection, ensuring reliable operation and protecting your investment.


Six advantages:

 A. motor adopts double seals, which basically eliminates the possibility of water leakage from the pump.

B. The combination of all anti-corrosion parts greatly improves the anti-corrosion performance of the water pump.

C. Optimize and reasonable motor design, the temperature rise is lower, and it is difficult to burn the machine.

D. Using advanced energy-saving design, low power consumption, more economical for long-term use.

E. Adopting the design idea of sewage pump, it can pump mild corrosion-resistant medium, and the use range is wider.

F. The new submersible pump is more beautiful and durable.




      QDX/QX small submersible electric pump is a combination of water pump, sealing part and dry asynchronous 
motor. It is mainly used for electric drainage and irrigation equipment for water supply and drainage in agriculture and 
general occasions. Simple, energy efficient, durable and so on.



1. The diving depth of the electric pump should be 
    between 0.5-5 meters, and the distance from the bottom
    of the water should not be less than 0.5 meters.
2. The volume ratio of solid impurities in water should not 
    exceed 0.1%. The particle size should not be greater 
    than 0.2 mm, such as general clear water, lake water, 
    well water, etc. 
3. The water temperature should not exceed +40℃.
4. The power frequency is 50Hz, the three-phase voltage 
    is 380V, and the voltage fluctuation range is between 
    342V-418V (QX type), the power frequency is 50Hz, the 
    single-phase voltage is 220V, and the voltage fluctuation 
    range is between 180V-240V (QDX type).
5. The PH value of water is 6.5-8.5.
6. Use within the specified lift range.

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