Household booster pump installation position description

When the booster pump is running, the faucet in front of the booster pump will effluent but will become smaller. Therefore, the home booster pump is better installed in the tap water pipe, so that it will not affect the water because of the use of the water heater, and it can pressurize all the water ports in the home. Of course, the power consumption naturally rises, and the neighbors may use water. There will be some impact。

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Multi-stage centrifugal pump failure maintenance

balance plate and balance plate with improper clearance, shaft and impeller, impeller mouth ring and guide wing anti-friction ring with excessive clearance (caused by different centers);; ③ impeller damage (caused by different centers); ③ impeller damage (caused by different centers); ③ impeller damage (caused by different centers).

Difference between submersible pumps and sump pumps

Currently on the market there is a practical sewage pump, that is, non-clogging sewage pumps, then this kind of sewage pump really does not appear clogging situation? In fact, if you are normal operation, and the choice of the manufacturer of the product is generally speaking will not appear clogging, of course, want to make it work freely, but also need to carry out maintenance and maintenance.

Northern winter water pump anti-freezing, thawing measures

Recently, some of the motor companies half-yearly report and performance forecast shows good. CLP motor company in the first half of 2018 the company realized operating income of 2014216000 yuan, an increase of 48.06 compared with the same period of the previous year

Regular maintenance of horizontal double-suction pumps

Horizontal double-suction pump _ how to do a good job of regular maintenance of the pump?

Self-priming pumps have no suction causes and processing methods

If the pipeline leakage can be tested or negative pressure test, if the hose can be installed at both ends of the pipe boring and in the middle of the pumping pipe to install a 3-way connecting the ball valve and the vacuum table

Centrifugal pump selection and application of some misunderstandings

filter clearance is too large, impurities in crude oil clogging pump impeller suction port.